My name is Christian Curtin, when I was a kid I grew up near the beach and every day I would dream of what lied beneath the water – just there – but just out of reach.

When I finally got my opportunity to immerse myself and fulfill that childhood dream I dove in head first to the allure of the deep. Since relocating to Curacao from the United States, I have fully submerged in the culture, and have steeped myself in the incredible diving this country has to offer.

I would love the opportunity to extend a special invitation for you to come and join me and my team on an “insiders” tour of our wonderful island and get to experience everything I have come to love.


Christian has been diving on island since 1996 and is PADI MSDT certified and holds 6 specialties ranging from night to wreck diving. This allowing man different diving expeditions from classes to straight diving.

PC Diving offers many different options for all level of divers, from an introduction to our underwater world with a Discover Scuba Adventure or if you hold a certification, we offer a Lionfish Excursions. Such excursions provide gear and knowledge allowing for you to hunt, and extract this invasive, predatory fish helping to protect our beautiful reefs. We can even bring them home and clean them for you to put on the grill!

There are many amazing dive sites accessible by land or boat, and we can offer trips to all of them, showing you some of the most amazing parts of the island both above and below the water.

One of Christians’ favorite encounters is when he is extremely lucky and the Pink Seahorse follows us around 😉

We are family oriented, giving you the feeling of being home while you are away from yours.

PC Diving offers top notch private diving, where anything is possible!

Come join us, I can guarantee we will be seeing you again.



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